Sunday, January 18, 2015

Second post on blog

So, I've created this new blog for my class to keep connected to my classmates and instructor. As I said in my first post this should be interesting. 

In addition, I have created a Twitter account, but I am new to blogging and Twitter so I am not sure what or how to access my Twitter account to tell others how to find me.  Talk about a learning curve, I will get there it will just take a little while.

Although I have known of Twitter and blogging for many years, I have not tried the waters of social media.  I feel more comfortable on the other side, behind the scenes with coding and designing for others to use.


  1. Hello Judith,
    Blogging isn't as scary as it sounds...its really set up in a word processing format. You just type, edit and publish.....When you created your Twitter name it should be @(yourname)....thats how you tell people to follow you.... @(yourname) and thats it....It'll get easier...hope this helps

  2. Thank you Kiylise. So if someone wants to find me on twitter they type @then my name? I will give it a try.